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Q & A with alumnus Christopher Lundquist

Dr. Christopher Lundquist (SOM '80) and wife, Linda
Christopher Lundquist, MD, (SOM '80) and his wife, Linda, at an alumni event.

An alumnus talks about his professional journey

Dr. Christopher Lundquist, (SOM ’80), is a long-time supporter and dedicated UCI School of Medicine alumnus. In 2004, he was named a Lauds & Laurels Distinguished Alumnus, the highest honor presented by the UCI Alumni Association and he once served as School of Medicine alumni board president. Dr. Lundquist remains very active in the UCI community, currently serving on the School of Medicine’s alumni board. Dr. Lundquist shared a few thoughts about his journey in medicine.

Why did you choose to pursue medicine?
From childhood, I possessed a constant fascination and curiosity toward the natural world and science, especially regarding the mysteries of the human body and mind. Early in my life, I chose to pursue medicine because it allowed me to satisfy that natural curiosity and use the knowledge gained to help others.

Describe your practice.
I am engaged in general medicine or primary care, so I encounter a wide variety of medical and psychological conditions. I strive to provide comprehensive care to my patients, with limited imaging, lab and surgical services in-house. The most distinctive aspect of my practice is my emphasis on prevention and management of disease states through dietary and lifestyle counseling, in addition to the traditional use of pharmaceutical agents. I believe achieving optimum health requires skillful, empathetic attention from me and a patient’s engagement in his or her physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

What satisfies you about participating on the alumni board? The satisfaction comes from the consensus decisions we make to direct support to medical students at UCI, the sense that I am giving back to the School of Medicine through my service and support, and the camaraderie and connection I enjoy with fellow alumni and medical students.

What advice would you give to today’s medical students? The best advice I could give is to study hard; seek excellence; be a leader; develop your talents; seek balance and harmony; be curious and passionate; value your connection with fellow students, teachers, and patients; and nurture and cherish your family relationships. Be the kind of doctor that others will trust with their lives! And commit to supporting the alumni association after graduation.

As a long-time supporter of UCI, why do you feel that it’s important to support medical education and the School of Medicine?  I feel that it’s important to support medical education and the School of Medicine because I am a product of that education system and institution. I feel a personal connection and a debt of gratitude and responsibility to the school and its mission. And there is clearly a need, due to the fading public support for medical education.

Any hobbies, skills or passions you’d like to share? When I am not working, I spend 7 to 10 hours a week performing volunteer work for my church and my community. When I can carve out the time, I love to go scuba diving or surfing with my daughters, traveling to historic or exotic locales with my wife, or just hiking a nature trail.