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Fund a new student's white lab coat

White coat ceremoney at the UC Irvine Health School of Medicine.
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The UC Irvine Health School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony is a time of great joy and expectation for students and their families.

As a UC Irvine Health School of Medicine alumnus, you know something of what lies ahead for our newest medical students and can appreciate the range of emotions they experience as participants in the traditional White Coat Ceremony.

It is a time of great joy and expectation; a time to celebrate accomplishments and plant the seeds of big dreams; a time to  bask in the price and love of family and friends and to begin to forge bonds with the people who will share the experiences of the next four years - perhaps even a lifetime.

Make a donation

We invite you to be a part of this year's milestone event by donating a $100 gift to fund one student's first white lab coat. At the ceremony, students will receive a card with the name of the individual who provided their coat.

Make a donation and provide a new medical student with their first white lab coat today >

If you would like to use this as an opportunity to begin a mentoring relationship, please email Carley Fox or call 949-824-9157.

We all know that medical school is, at times, incredibly difficult and trying. To have a mentor who has "done it all" and who can provide sage advice and counsel would be a wonderful asset for a student.

White Coat Ceremony

Our White Coat Ceremony is just around the corner: 7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 5, at the Barclay Theater on campus. So, please make your gift today.

If you would like to join us for this memorable event, contact Carley Fox at 949-824-9157.  Space is limited.

Thank you for investing in tomorrow's medicine through your support of our incoming students!