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Dr. Klemens J. Hertel with students in his lab


The faculty of the Department of Neurological Surgery is consistently at the forefront of clinical treatment, educational programs and neurosurgical research. Department faculty research areas include brain tumor biology and prognosis, cancer evolution and collaborations with other medical research organizations, such as UC Irvine's Reeve-Irvine Research Center, a prominent group of scientists working to find new treatments for spinal cord injury.

Below are the individual faculty from this department who are involved in certain aspects of biomedical and translational science:


Research Focus

Yi-Hong Zhou,  PhD

PAX6 function in transcriptional regulation of glia ontology and glioma evolution, mechanisms on glioma cell invasion and angiogenesis, adaptation of glioma cells to microenvironment, molecular neuro-oncology on diagnosis and prognosis for patients with brain tumors