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Individual Fellowship Bonus

The Office of Graduate Studies in the School of Medicine has established an incentive plan called the Individual Fellowship Bonus designed to encourage more students to apply for individual fellowships by rewarding them for securing individual fellowships.  Students who are awarded an individual fellowship are eligible to receive $1,000 per year on top of other stipends. If you are a graduate student interested in this incentive plan, please read the eligibility requirements located below.

Graduate School Incentive Program to Promote Individual Fellowship Applications: Many SOM graduate students would be competitive for individual fellowships, but not all who are eligible actually apply for a fellowship. Accordingly, we have established an incentive plan designed to encourage more students to apply for individual fellowships. By implementing this plan it is hoped that a significant number of additional individual fellowships will be awarded to UCI pre-doctoral students.

Plan Description: The office of Graduate Studies in the School of Medicine will provide a monetary incentive for students who apply and are awarded an individual fellowship. The Office of Graduate Studies in the School of Medicine will provide the student with a $1,000 per year stipend bonus for the term that the individual fellowship is funded. This bonus goes beyond the program’s base stipend. If the stipend amount from the external award is equal to or greater than the equivalent of $1,000 more than the current base stipend in the student’s program, the student is entitled to receive the full amount of the stipend.

Eligibility: This incentive plan is available to students in any SOM graduate program in which extramural individual fellowship funding is available. To be eligible for the $1,000/year bonus to a student’s stipend, the fellowship award must provide more than half the current base stipend and tuition/fees combined in the student’s program. Applications for and receipt of travel and other small grants will not be eligible for an incentive award under this program. Students who applied for and received the $250 Individual Fellowship Application Incentive are eligible to receive the $1,000 bonus if their fellowship is awarded.

Exceptions: Applications for pre-doctoral training grant slots offered through UC Irvine will not be considered. Students in programs that require submission of individual fellowship applications as part of that program’s curriculum are also excluded from the incentive plan. In addition, students who receive other sources of fellowship incentives are excluded from this program as well.


To receive the $1,000/year stipend bonus if the application is successfully funded, simply complete and submit the Individual Fellowship Bonus Application.

Any questions about this incentive should be directed to Leora Fellus, Graduate Studies Director, School of Medicine -