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Graduate Student Travel Support

With the support of the Dean of the School of Medicine and the UC Irvine Graduate Division, the Office of Graduate Studies offers travel support to doctoral students in the School of Medicine at a level of $500 per academic year. 

Doctoral students in the School of Medicine are eligible for travel support once per academic year, subject to the following conditions:

  • The student must be the lead author on an abstract that is presented as an oral or poster presentation.
  • Only one author per abstract is eligible for a travel stipend.
  • The presentation must be based on research performed at UC Irvine as part of the doctoral degree.
  • Each student is eligible for travel once per academic year.
  • The student should be making normal progress toward the doctoral degree: no grades below a B in any course; advancement to candidacy before the 10th academic quarter (beginning of the 4th year), and residence in the doctoral program for six years or less.
  • The student must have already completed the first year of graduate study.

To request travel support, please complete and submit the Travel Support Request Form at least three weeks prior to your proposed travel dates.  Restrictions will be applied to students who are eligible to secure travel support from other sources.

Any questions about this incentive should be directed to Leora Fellus, Graduate Studies Director, School of Medicine at