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New App To Identify Local Experts

Dec. 2, 2013 — A computer application that helps match faculty research interests with funding opportunities and/or research collaborations has been developed and is being offered to UC Irvine researchers.

In an effort to promote and support research the UC Irvine School of Medicine worked together with Dr. Robin Bush, associate dean of research in the School of Biological Sciences at UC Irvine, to develop a computer application that helps identify faculty with expertise in particular areas. The application is called “InterestApp”.

InterestApp works by carrying out a combined search for terms in UC Irvine’s Faculty Profile System and faculty publication abstracts in PubMed. Bush developed a computer script that imports this personalized text file into the software program DEVONthink, which allows you to search these text files through specific word searches or fuzzy searches.  DEVONthink also enables you to upload an entire text file (or document) and it will search for similar text files. For example, you can upload a call for grants or a paper and it will find faculty in the SOM doing that type of research.

InterestApp is easy to use, and extremely useful. Please first view the PDF tutorial provided by Bush on her faculty profile at

InterestApp can be accessed online at using the login and password InterestApp (capitalization matters). Once you login there is a SOM folder that houses all SOM faculty members. Due to the fact that this application is housed online, it is occasionally necessary to reopen the application after doing a few continuous searches, and it sometimes requires a restart.

The Office of Research worked closely with Bush to make this application available to you so it is UC Irvine's School of Medicine Office of Research, NOT Dr. Bush, that is responsible for making any changes to the system or the faculty represented in the application.

If you have any issues/questions, or you would like to provide general feedback on this application, please contact Dr. Maya Hatch (

We hope that you find this application as useful as we have in the Office of Research for matching research interests and collaborative opportunities. We believe it will also be especially useful for new faculty members, as they try to get to know current SOM faculty members.

Please click here to use and view InterestApp: