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OnCore Clinical Trials Management

UC Irvine School of Medicine is implementing the OnCore® Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS), a software system designed to help researchers track financial, subject and regulatory information.

Many major academic centers, including other University of California medical centers, have benefited from OnCore's sophisticated analytics tools. The system's implementation at UC Irvine is being led by the School of Medicine's Research Support Services team, with input from key stakeholders within UC Irvine Medical Center Clinical Informatics, the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Clinical Research Finance Assessment and pilot departments within the medical school.

We encourage you to bookmark this page to view regular updates and find resources related to full implementation of our OnCore system.

What is OnCore?

OnCore is a web-enabled CTMS created by Forte Research Systems® to support efficient and accurate research performance at academic medical centers, cancer centers and other health systems. It enables research teams and departments to aggregate, filter, review and manage data by protocol, subject, contract and organizational unit.

With OnCore, study teams and research administrators can streamline data collection and staff workflows across teams, calculate more accurate study budgets, track study financial performance and manage workload, as well as gain immediate insight into activities across all protocols.

Standardized information tracking assures research sponsors that investigators and study teams are proactively managing research quality assurance. Accrual status, approval time and staff workload questions become easier to answer and efficiencies become easier to identify. 

Benefits of OnCore

Lead researchers, study teams, managers and administrators encounter many administrative complexities in managing growing clinical trial portfolios. OnCore can help to reduce or even eliminate such challenges in the following ways:

  • Enterprise-level reporting allows institutional leaders to easily gather research metrics to help drive business-level decision-making.
  • Subject management and visit tracking functions allow research teams to track enrollment, schedule subjects within allowable protocol parameters, and monitor study payment milestones.
  • The easy-to-use web-based system facilitates investigator management of multi-center trials.

Key Features

OnCore incorporates a variety of functions that support our researchers and enhance their effectiveness. These include:

  • Shared-records access that minimizes administrative burdens by giving team members access to the same study records, all of which are electronically secured and have access levels managed by system security
  • An interface with the research subject's electronic medical record, which facilitates enrollment tracking and billing compliance
  • Study performance reporting, which gives lead researchers and study coordinators insight into recruitment and accrual information
  • Subject and protocol reports, which facilitate annual and ad hoc IRB safety reports, accrual reporting and sponsor reporting
  • Financial management tools, including integrated budgeting and invoicing, that improve financial performance and billing compliance
  • Tracking of registries and biospecimens that enables data capture and de-identification for sharing and analysis
  • The ability to export of protocol information to the UC Irvine clinical trials website, which can increase awareness and improve recruitment

Transition to OnCore

Subject management

School of Medicine Research Support Services (SOMRSS) creates clinical research protocol records in OnCore and builds subject-visit calendars based on the study schedule of events. At the initiation of a study, the OnCore study record is released to authorized team members for subject management and reporting.

Protocol and subject-management training

School of Medicine trainers are available on Wednesdays from 1:30-4pm in the Grunigen Medical Library Instructional Technology Classroom (Orange) to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Provide hands-on, one-on-one problem-solving assistance
  • Integrate your feedback into the system rollout

If you are not able to attend the regular training hours, please call us at 714-456-8708 or 714-456-7608 to schedule another time and/or location. 

What's New?

Clinical Informatics has completed an OnCore integration project with the Quest electronic medical record system to allow Quest to automatically feed research subject demographic information into OnCore without the need to manually re-enter this data. 

OnCore will automatically notify the Clinical Research Billing Unit (CRB) when subject registration is completed in OnCore.

Until further notice, please continue faxing informed consent forms to the CRB.

For more information, please email or call 714-456-8708/714-456-7608.