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Alternative Plans for the Disposition of Remains

Bodies occasionally are unsuitable for scientific study. While this is rare, we encourage you to make alternative plans in the event this occurs.

A family member or close acquaintance who will be notified at the time of death should be aware of the arrangement to donate the body for study. They should agree to notify the UC Irvine Willed Body Program immediately upon the death of the donor. They should also be aware of the factors that might make it necessary to make other arrangements. 

Since the occurrence of death is accompanied by feelings of bereavement, it can lessen the difficulties of these moments if alternative wishes are made clear to family or responsible parties in advance. This should eliminate misunderstandings regarding any wishes or our procedures.

For questions regarding the suitability of an anatomical donation for study, please contact the Willed Body Program at 949-824-6061 for clarification.