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Enrollment into the Willed Body Program

Completion of the forms in the donor application packet is required for enrollment into the Willed Body Program. The document of gift form must be witnessed by two persons or notarized by a duly authorized California Notary Public.

The Willed Body Program accepts these types of donations:

  • Before death sign-up by individuals who sign our donor application for themselves.
  • After death donations by a legally responsible party such as the following:
    • Spouse of the deceased donor
    • Registered domestic partner
    • Agent with power of attorney for health care
    • Child of the deceased donor
    • Declared claimant

Upon receipt of the completed documents, the Willed Body Program notifies you regarding acceptance into the program and provides a registration donor identification card and two copies of the completed registration packet for retention.

The university reserves the right to accept or reject an anatomical gift as set forth by health and safety codes.

Unless provided in the donor’s will, the family or estate of the donor may decline to assume the financial responsibility of transportation from outside the 200-mile transportation radius. If this occurs, the Willed Body Program may relinquish all claims to the body.

The Willed Body Program should be notified immediately if:

  • A donor changes residence
  • An attorney-in-fact is established under a valid durable power of attorney who authorizes the gift of all or part of the principal’s body
  • The death of a spouse occurs
  • The marital status changes after being registered.

The information contained on the vital statistics sheet is used to prepare the death certificate. We will arrange for the completion of this document and file it with the appropriate county health department.