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Donors' generosity helps researcher find treatments

Donors' generosity helps researcher find treatments
Daniel Anderson/ University Communications
Joyce Keyak, PhD, researcher, professor and bioengineer

Researcher Joyce Keyak is an avid supporter of UC Irvine’s Willed Body Program.  Keyak,  Professor in Residence in the Department of Radiological Sciences, knows how valuable the program is.

“My research on osteoporosis and tumors in bone depends on the generosity of donors to the UC Irvine Willed Body Program,” she says.

Keyak is one of many researchers at UC Irvine who are able to search for treatments because of the Willed Body Program.

Keyak's emphasis, osteoporosis, can weaken bones, and cancer can cause damage. Keyak has spent her career as an engineer and bone researcher finding ways to rectify this.

She created a technique to evaluate the strength of the hip bone, which has led to discoveries that will improve care for people with osteoporosis.

“If you have osteoporosis and break your hip, you face major problems,” Keyak says. “Half the people who break their hips never walk again, and up to 20 percent die within a year.

"Being able to gauge bone strength can help doctors work with their patients to prevent hip fractures.”

She adds, "The need for donations to medical education and scientific research is great. We are grateful for our donors' generosity."