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Assembly members' terms are two years from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31. Two consecutive terms are allowed. Please note that all UC Irvine Health Sciences Academic Senate members are eligible to vote and to run for election, including emeritus faculty who may not be actively participating in departmental activities or may have moved to another geographic area.

School of Medicine

Li-Mei Lin

Mark Langdorf

Harrison Lin

Lulu Chen

Donald Forthal

Anton Hasso

Frank Meyskens

Shahram Lotfipour

Emiliana Borrelli

Anjan Batra

Steven Mills

John Butler

Dawn Elfenbein

Xing Dai

Todd Holmes

Hirohito Ichii

Joyce Keyak

Ellena Peterson

Yama Akbari

Elizabeth Head

Kyoko Yokomori

Warren Wiechmann

School of Nursing:

Alison Holman

Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Brian Paegel

Program in Public Health

Scott Bartell

Rufus Edwards

Andrew Noymer

Veronica Vieira