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Message from the Chair

Geoff Abbott, PhD
UC Irvine Health
Geoff Abbott, PhD

Welcome to the College of Health Sciences Academic Senate. Our goal is to represent all faculty members within the College of Health Sciences and to participate in shared governance.

We have established multiple standing committees to deal with all issues that may effect the college from academic curriculum for our medical students to financial input from our Finance Planning and Budget committee.

The Academic Senate Executive Committee includes the chair and vice-chair; the chairs of the UC Irvine Health Sciences standing committees; and two members-at-large.

Academic Senate Membership

The faculty shall consist of all individuals who hold academic appointments in the College of Health Sciences (COHS). The ongoing business of the faculty will be conducted by the Representative Assembly of the members which meets periodically.


In the spirit of university shared governance, the Senate shall be involved in all actions of the UC Irvine Health Sciences Administration and of the university officials that may affect in principle or in fact the functions of the Faculty in teaching, research, and professional practice.

The Representative Assembly is the organized representative body of the College of Health Sciences, elected by the Faculty to act on its behalf on all matters that concern it.

The Representative Assembly is the instrument of Faculty self-government and welfare, and serves as the liaison with the COHS Administration and with the Irvine Division of the Academic Senate. The Representative Assembly may ratify, amend or rescind any unexecuted action taken at any meeting of the Faculty, of the Executive Committee, or of any other Faculty committee empowered to act.

Election of Representatives

Each department and program of the COHS shall have one or more elected representative(s) to the Assembly, to be elected by a ballot of its Senate Faculty members. Each representative shall be elected for a two-year term, and none shall serve consecutively more than two full terms. The terms of office shall be appropriately staggered for representatives of the same department or program.

The Representative Assembly shall meet semi-annually or at the call of the chair, who may cancel a meeting for lack of business. A special meeting can be called upon receipt of a written petition of five Assembly representatives, which meeting shall occur within 30 days of said petition.

The Academic Senate is concerned with the welfare of the faculty. We are open to any issue that might arise and encourage participation and adequate representation. Only by participation and the voice of the faculty be truly heard. Welcome and get involved.

Geoff Abbott, PhD
Chair, Executive Committee 
UC Irvine College of Health Sciences Academic Senate