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Three SOM PhD candidates have been recognized with awards from Dr. Lorna Carlin and the UCI School of Medicine.

Robert G. Lewis

Robert G. Lewis received the 2019 Dr. Lorna Carlin Scholar Award. Lewis is a PhD candidate in the Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics working in the lab of professor Emiliana Borrelli. His research uses genetic and pharmacological approaches to study the role of dopamine and acetylcholine signaling on the development of drug dependence treatment of addiction. The prevalence of addiction and lack of successful treatment motivate him to seek novel therapeutic targets that could help those affected with the disease. 

The Dr. Lorna Carlin Scholar is selected based on academic excellence, scientific promise, scholarly and professional potential as well as community and university service. This award is intended to recognize the next generation of scientific leaders, and is given to an exceptional doctoral student who is conducting a translational research study.

Additionally, awards were made to two very impressive young researchers each receiving a newly established secondary prize. The 2019 Dr. Lorna Carlin Excellence in Research Award recognizes promising translational scholarship.

Nicole Strivers Nicole Chmielewski Stivers studies with PI professor Charles Limoli in the Environmental Health Sciences program. Her work investigates cancer treatment toxicity as well as the importance of conducting sex-specific research.
Usha Nekanti Usha Nekanti studies with PI professor Aileen Anderson in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology where she researches functional regeneration in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) through bioengineering, immunologic and stem cell approaches. 

Dr. Lorna Carlin, a retired psychiatrist, established the scholarship in 2017 as a way to actively support PhD student research in the UCI School of Medicine.