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Lindsey Soles Recognized with Teaching AwardLindsey Soles Recognized with Teaching Award

Lindsey Soles received a 2019 Edward Steinhaus Teaching Award from the UCI School of Biological Sciences.  Soles was one of five PhD students awarded in 2019 along with Alexa Roemmich, John Powers, Jasper Liedtke and Aaron Gudmundson.

Lindsey was nominated by both instructors of two different classes based on her enormous initiative and high level of professionalism in the role of Teaching Assistant (TA).  As an administrative TA for the Cell Biology course, with an enrollment of over 500 students, her responsibilities were expansive and involved online quizzes, in-class clicker questions and discussions. Lindsey displayed great attention to detail, creative problem solving, enormous initiative and professionalism that merited exceptional recognition.

During the June 2019 Biological Sciences Convocation ceremony where Soles received the award, Associate Dean of Biological Sciences, R. Michael Mulligan affirmed Soles’ dedication and service stating, “In my 19 year history of presenting the Steinhaus Awards, this is the first time we created an additional award for a student in the School of Medicine, and that student is Lindsey Soles.” 

Since 1970, the Edward Steinhaus Teaching Awards have been presented to outstanding Biological Sciences graduate students with promising futures as educators.  Dr. Edward Steinhaus was the first dean of the School of Biological Sciences and internationally known as the “father of insect and invertebrate pathology”.  

Lindsey Soles is starting her third year as a PhD student in Professor Yongsheng Shi’s lab in the School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, where she is researching the molecular mechanisms of 3’mRNA processing and regulation of poly(A) site selection.  Lindsey holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from SUNY Geneseo. 

Congratulations Lindsey Soles!