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Compensation and Classification

Compensation and Classification is the area within the UC Irvine School of Medicine's Human Resources unit that is responsible for salary administration, performing job analyses, reviewing equity and stipend requests, classification/reclassification and providing training and consultation to department managers.

Our goal is to compensate staff members as closely to comparable labor market salaries as possible.

Salary Ranges »
Salary Offer Guidelines »

An individual salary shall be within the salary range that is assigned to the position, based on the position's duties and responsibilities.

Any salary increases should be made in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, and should take into account all relative factors, including previous salary, qualifications and equity among current employees.

However, a submission of a salary offer request for exceptional approval is not a guarantee of an increase. No promises should be made to an employee until the request is reviewed and a decision is rendered.

Stipends »

A stipend  is defined as additional monies paid to an employee who is temporarily assigned responsibilities (with a specific beginning and end date) of a higher level position than the employee’s classification or for assuming other significant duties that are not part of the employee’s regular position.

However, the sum of the stipend and base salary shall not exceed the maximum salary of the higher level position.

For information about appropriate administrative stipends or out-of-classification assignments, please view the UC Irvine Human Resources information page › (Log-in required)

Once a stipend has been approved by a department chief administrative officer or director, a formal request must be submitted to the Dean's Office at hshr@uci.edu.

Reclassifications »

Positions are classified based on the duties and responsibilities that are assigned and exercised. If an employee’s duties and responsibilities undergo significant changes, the position may warrant reclassification.

For more information about the reclassification process — including criteria that would warrant consideration of reclassification — please view the reclassification overview page › (Log-in required)

If a reclassification is deemed appropriate, view instructions for making a reclassification request › (Log-in required)

Submitting a reclassification request

The reclassification request is submitted online by the department through the FAST CLASS system. The process is as follows:

  • The department should complete the job description before entering into Fast Class so that the document submitted accurately reflects current job duties as agreed upon by the employee and the supervisor.
  • The reclassification is reviewed by the department's chief administrative officer and submitted to the Dean’s Office through the online approval process.
  • The Dean’s Office assigns the requests to the SOM Reclassification Committee for review and discussion.
  • The committee meets monthly, on the third Thursday of each month.
  • The decision of the committee is entered into Fast Class and the request is returned to the department.
  • The department submits salary information for review.
  • The Dean's Office confirms that the salary falls within standard policy/procedure/bargaining unit contract. If not, it works with the department when an exception request is needed.
  • Final approval is sent to department, which notifies the employee of decision.
  • The department is responsible for updating the salary worksheet in DSS to reflect the approved decision then submitting it to SOMHR@uci.edu for the decision to be implemented.

Reclassifications approved by the UC Irvine School of Medicine Classification Review Committee are effective based on the date the request is received in the Dean's Office.

  • For exempt titles paid monthly, the effective date is on the first of the month after the request has been received.
  • For non-exempt titles paid bi-weekly, the effective date is the beginning of the next biweekly cycle after the receipt of the request.

Upward reclassification versus promotion

  • A promotion requires an employee to apply and be selected for a different position with a higher maximum salary range.
  • An upward reclassification involves assigning an employee's current position to a new payroll title with a higher maximum salary range, based on a change in duties.

Important notes

Departments may not fill a vacant higher level position by reassigning the duties to an employee at a lower level and submitting the action as a reclassification. If there is a vacant position and a department restructuring has occurred, contact the School of Medicine Office of Human Resources before making reassignments to determine whether a recruitment or a reclassification is appropriate.

In consideration of UC Irvine's commitment to provide equal employment opportunities, the Office of Human Resources ensures that all employees in similar job classifications have equal access to training and work experience so that new duties are assigned in a fair and legally defensible manner.

Equity Adjustments »

Request for equity increase for non-represented employees

A submission of a request for an equity increase is not a guarantee of an increase, and no promise should be made to an employee until the request is reviewed and a decision rendered.

An equity adjustment may be considered to retain key individuals who receive a bonafide job offer and whose experience or special skills are uniquely critical to a program or to the completion of high priority projects. To determine whether an equity adjustment may be appropriate, consider the following:

  • Is the competing offer for a position at approximately the same level of responsibility?
  • How does the offer's total compensation package compare?

Please refer to Procedure 403 if you need to submit a request for an equity adjustment.

Tools & Resources »

Compensation and classification training is available to all staff via the UC Learning Center for the following:

  • Core supervision-compensation and classification
  • Job description development

Compensation glossary › (Log-in required)

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Questions? Please contact us at hshr@uci.edu.