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News 2009


DEC 17Ophthalmologist Dr. Roger F. Steinert and spine surgeon Dr. Charles Rosen explain how texting can cause vision and orthopedic problems on MSNBC’s “Dr. Nancy.”
DEC 17Terry A. Belmont is appointed chief executive officer of UC Irvine Medical Center
DEC 14Controlling blood glucose levels in some diabetics may not lower the risk of heart disease or stroke, according to a new UC Irvine study
DEC 01Pioneering urologist Dr. Ralph V. Clayman is named dean of UC Irvine's School of Medicine, pending approval by the University of California Board of Regents
NOV 16UC Irvine pharmacologists create a fat-boosting compound known to fight inflammation, opening the door to new drugs for allergies, disease and injuries
NOV 09UC Irvine-developed embryonic stem cell therapy to be tested in human trials for lower spinal cord injuries restores walking ability in rats with neck injuries
NOV 09UC Irvine researcher Charles L. Limoli and colleagues find that human embryonic stem cells may restore memory and learning ability after radiation treatment,
OCT 23UC Irvine healthcare experts Dr. John Heydt, Dr. Alberto Manetta and criminology professor Paul Jesilow answer questions about current reform proposals.
OCT 20UC Irvine researchers use stem cells to repair damaged retinas
OCT 15UC Irvine breast cancer specialists Drs. Stephen Feig and Karen Lane describe advances in breast imaging that make it possible to detect cancer very early.
OCT 13Hospitals must take better preventive measures for patients at high risk of developing embolisms, UC Irvine's Dr. Alpesh N. Amin reports in the Journal of Hospital Medicine.
OCT 07Men are three times more likely to suffer hearing loss than women, largely due to noise in the workplace, at play and in the armed forces, UC Irvine otolaryngologist Dr. Hamid Djalilian says
SEP 22A potential cancer drug may help combat relapse behavior in cocaine addicts, a UC Irvine study shows
SEP 15Oleic acids in fatty foods may help lead to improved memory, according to a UC Irvine study
SEP 10Children suffer needlessly after tonsillectomies because parents dole out pain medication too sparingly, a UC Irvine study shows
SEP 09Memories exist even when forgotten, a UC Irvine study suggests
AUG 26UC Irvine anesthesiology chief Dr. Zeev Kain finds that small children have markedly less anxiety about surgery if their parents are in the operating room
AUG 25Michael Jackson's use of other drugs may have made propofol far more dangerous, UC Irvine anesthesiologist Dr. Scott Engwall tells the Los Angeles Times
AUG 17UC Irvine family physician Wadie Najm says anti-inflammatory properties of the Mediterranean diet may help prevent a wide range of diseases
AUG 07UC Irvine researchers led by Dr. Steven Potkin discover a new gene that appears twice as often in people with Alzheimer's disease
AUG 06UC Irvine's Dr. Christopher B. Zachary says federal regulations are running up medical costs at the expense of patient care
JUL 30A swift rise in H1N1 flu cases in July has Orange County medical officials "bracing for a significant outbreak" this fall, UC Irvine Healthcare's chief medical officer Dr. Eugene Spiritus says
JUL 20Neural stem cells preserve memory in mice with advanced Alzheimer's disease, UC Irvine scientists show
JUL 16UC Irvine Medical Center is named one of the nation’s best hospitals for the ninth consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report
JUL 14Drug rescues memory lost to Alzheimer's disease
JUL 02UC Irvine anesthesiology chief Dr. Zeev N. Kain tells CNN that propofol, the powerful sedative found in the late Michael Jackson’s home, is “as dangerous as it gets.”
MAY 12UC Irvine awarded $45 million for infectious disease research
MAY 07UC Irvine Medical Center designated stroke receiving center
MAY 06$21 million gift names UC Irvine Douglas Hospital
MAY 04H1N1 flu update
APR 29California funds UC Irvine Alzheimer's stem cell research
APR 27Dietary fats trigger long-term memory formation
APR 09Student group supports young stem cell researchers
MAR 23New clinic opens for immune system disease care
MAR 18Study finds how brain remembers single events
MAR 12UC Irvine receives grant to improve geriatrics education
MAR 12Body clock regulates metabolism, UC Irvine study finds
MAR 03UC Irvine scientists to study brain region linked to autism, schizophrenia
FEB 17Health sciences students open weekly free clinic
FEB 02Pregnancy hormone predicts postpartum depression
JAN 30Stem cell grant would boost UC Irvine training program
JAN 23UC Irvine behind world's first embryonic stem cell study in humans.