School of Medicine



DEC 21UC Irvine Medical Center sees dramatic drop in hospital infections thanks to strict prevention measures.
DEC 20A UC Irvine spine surgeon has created a group called the Association for Medical Ethics to combat what it sees as conflicts of interest in spine surgery.
DEC 15UC Irvine’s Program in Geriatrics teams seniors with first-year medical students to help them become more comfortable with older patients.
DEC 03Nearly a third of nursing home residents carry the drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, according to a study led by Dr. Susan Huang and UC Irvine’s Health Policy Research Institute.
DEC 02Medical malpractice insurers charge higher rates for vaginal births among mothers who've previously had a C-section, says UC Irvine's Chair of Obstetrics Dr. Manual Porto.
DEC 02Reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) has intrinsic safety and quality benefits, with monetary rewards soon to follow.
NOV 08UC Irvine becomes the first medical school in the nation to incorporate portable ultrasound into every year of its curriculum
OCT 22Four UC Irvine scientists win grants totaling $9.3 million to create stem cell treatments for retinitis pigmentosa, Huntington's disease and traumatic brain injury.
OCT 20The likelihood that a first-time mother will deliver by cesarean section is increasing, according to a study involving UC Irvine scientists.
OCT 19Can skin cancer be treated with light? Researchers at UC Irvine are exploring new ways to image cancerous lesions using LEDs.
OCT  13A stem cell scientist at UC Irvine is working on a transplant for Type-1 diabetes patients.
OCT 12The first human spine injury patient is undergoing stem-cell therapy developed by UC Irvine scientists that has enabled paralyzed rodents to walk and run again.
SEP 21UC Irvine pharmacology professor Daniele Piomelli awarded $2.5 million to create stop-smoking treatment
SEP 20Dr. Alpesh Amin receives award from the Venous Disease Coalition for research on reducing the risk of blood clots in medical and surgical patients.
AUG 20UC Irvine launches new clinical research certificate program
AUG 16A research team, including UC Irvine scientists, has induced nerve regeneration in mice.
AUG 12Patients ask doctors an average of five questions and most are unrelated to their health, Dr. Sherrie Kaplan, associate dean of UC Irvine's School of Medicine, tells CNN.
AUG 09UC Irvine goes digital as School of Medicine students receive iPads containing their curriculum. Will the devices make learning easier?
AUG  09A research team that includes UC Irvine scientists makes nerve connections regrow in mice with spinal cord injuries
AUG 01Servite High School football players tested in sports concussion pilot program with UC Irvine
JUL 30FDA approves first human trials of stem cell treatment created by UC Irvine neurobiologist Hans Keirstead
JUL 23UC Irvine ophthalmologist discusses disease that's robbing radio and TV host Glenn Beck of his eyesight.
JUL 16UC Irvine launches its first annual summer pre-med program for high school students
JUL 06Eyebrow transplantation may alleviate embarrassment and social stigmatization for patients who have suffered trauma or burns, says chairman of UC Irvine Department of Dermatology.
JUN 24Owner of classic diner loses 105 pounds through UC Irvine Weight Management Program.
JUN 16It's "too early" to say whether cell-phone use causes tumors to the head or body, UC Irvine neuro-oncologist Dr. Daniela Bota tells the Orange County Register.
JUN 15CT angiography may not be necessary in patients suspected of having a blood clot in their lungs, according to a study authored by UC Irvine radiology resident Dr. Mark D. Mamlouk.
JUN 04UC Irvine study finds high survival rates among breast cancer patients given chemotherapy drug trastuzumab before surgery.
MAY 26Exercise can rejuvenate the aging brain, UC Irvine researcher Carl Cotman tells Scientific American.
MAY 25High school students try out surgical techniques at UC Irvine Medical Center as part of the School of Medicine's teen outreach program
MAY 14With the opening of UC Irvine's stem cell research center, California is "the world leader in stem cell and biomedical research," center director Peter Donovan says.
APR 16New therapies aimed at repairing the brain after a stroke show promise, UC Irvine researcher Dr. Steven C. Cramer writes in the New England Journal of Medicine
APR 15UC Irvine's School of Medicine reprises its ranking among the nation's top 50 medical schools for research, according to US News & World Report
MAR 22Adults with Down syndrome provide clues to the genetic roots of aging, says Dr. Ira Lott, UC Irvine's chief of pediatric neurology.
FEB 10UC Irvine stem cell research Hans Keirstead wins the prestigious 2010 Mathilde Solowey Lecture Award in the Neurosciences.
FEB 08UC Irvine opens a $40.5-million medical education center with a teleconferencing auditorium that enables students to view surgeries at UC Irvine Douglas Hospital in Orange.
FEB 03UC Irvine gastrointestinal surgeon Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen to test a new double-balloon device that may prove to be a less invasive treatment for obesity.
JAN 20Purge of bariatric surgery hospitals improves survival rates, lessens complications and shortens patient stays at better equipped centers, according to a study by UC Irvine surgeon Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen and his team.
JAN 13Noise tests of many popular toys show that prolonged exposure can damage a child's hearing, UC Irvine ear specialist Dr. Hamid Djalilian says.
JAN 11UC Irvine Healthcare physicians are recognized as “Physicians of Excellence” by the Orange County Medical Association
JAN 07Pulmonologist Dr. Henri Colt receives humanitarian award