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DEC 21Coroners cite financial restrictions for not autopsying many older people, says UC Irvine's Dr. Laura Mosqueda, who calls it "an excuse not to autopsy any older person."
DEC 21UC Irvine research team demonstrates that neurons can respond to physical cues, a finding that may result in improved treatment methods for spinal or brain injuries.
DEC 20UC Irvine joins forces with Australia's University of New England in a unique collaboration that offers state-of-the-art medical education technology to students 7,500 miles away.
DEC 20Clinical trial of UC Irvine-created stem cell therapy is open to U.S. and Canadian patients; three patients are enrolled.
DEC 19UC Irvine researchers urge caution when buying noisy toys: Parents should ensure that their children don’t risk permanent hearing damage.
DEC 15UC Irvine neurosurgeon Mark E. Linskey directs first-ever course on clinical trials for brain tumors at National Society of Neuro-Oncology meeting..
DEC 14UC Irvine student-run nonprofit called the Medical Initiative Against Homelessness, or MIAH, provides tutoring, medical assistance and other services to the homeless.
DEC 13Major cause of chronic kidney disease-related inflammation identified; finding by UC Irvine team could help prevent cardiovascular complications
DEC 12UC Irvine's strict flu vaccination policy has boosted healthcare worker compliance rates above 90 percent.
DEC 09A new treatment option may be available for women with a certain type of metastatic breast cancer, according a study led by UC Irvine oncologist Rita Mehta, MD.
DEC 08UC Irvine School of Medicine receives the highest level of accreditation for its CME program from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).
DEC 07Prostate cancer -- to test or not to test: Dr. John Fruehauf, a UC Irvine urologic oncologist, says doctors use conservative national guidelines to decide how to proceed.
DEC 05Seizures among women with epilepsy may worsen during menstruation, according to preliminary findings by UC Irvine researchers.
DEC 02National Multiple Sclerosis Society recognizes UC Irvine's MS program for superior and innovative care by certifying it as an official Center for MS Comprehensive Care.
NOV 21A new study published in Archives of Neurology lends evidence to UC Irvine ‘chemo brain’ research findings.
NOV 16UC Irvine Healthcare's surgical information system is improving efficiency and providing valuable clinical tracking data, says Dr. Zeev Kain, head of anesthesiology and perioperative care.
NOV 15A blood test is more effective at ruling out obstructive coronary disease than tests using radioactive agents, says UC Irvine nuclear cardiology professor Dr. Gregory S. Thomas.
NOV 14Oncologists need to understand the unique needs of young cancer patients, says UC Irvine's Dr. Leonard Sender in an interview with Clinical Oncology News.
NOV 13UC Irvine's Gavin Herbert Eye Institute Director Dr. Roger Steinert joins ophthalmologists in offering pro bono care at a weekend vision clinic.
NOV 09Childhood obesity rates almost tripled in the past generation; "Solving the problem is not going to be easy," says UC Irvine Pediatrics Chair Dr. Dan Cooper.
NOV 09UC Irvine researchers: A fetus can sense its mom’s psychological state; if she's depressed, it can affect how the baby develops.
NOV 03Children "are suffering needlessly" from postoperative pain, UC Irvine study author Dr. Zeev Kain tells CNN.
NOV 02Physicians serving on federal panels evaluating new drugs and procedures should disclose potential conflicts of interest, says UC Irvine's Dr. Sheldon Greenfield.
NOV 02Paying attention to diet and exercise can help prevent disease, says Dr. Shaista Malik, medical director of UC Irvine's Preventive Cardiology Program.
NOV 02UC Irvine otolaryngologist Dr. Sunil Verma examines a singer's vocal cords on "The Doctors" on KCBS-TV at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2.
OCT 31UC Irvine molecular biologist Anthony A. James has developed a genetic modification that makes female mosquitoes unable to fly; they can't mate or bite people.
OCT 28UC Irvine oncologist Dr. Frank L. Meyskens says cancer research will be on life support if the U.S. Congress enacts proposed budget cuts in 2012.
OCT 27Children suffer unnecessarily from postoperative pain, according to a UC Irvine study that suggests the need for improved pediatric care.
OCT 25UC Irvine's Dr. James H. Fallon, who spent years studying the brain scans of psychopaths, worries about the ramifications of a new cellphone-based brain scanner.
OCT 25After one year, the world's first test of a stem-cell treatment for spinal cord injury-- a treatment developed by UC Irvine researchers--is proving safe.
OCT 20UC Irvine psychiatrist Dr. William Bunney wins the Sarnat Prize for research on mood disorders.
OCT 19Missing Saddleback College professor may be exhibiting signs of Huntington’s disease, says UC Irvine researcher Leslie Thompson.
OCT 17Is it time to put dad in a nursing home? “We try to look at the whole picture to figure out what exactly is going on,” says Dr. Steven Tam, a UC Irvine geriatric specialist.
OCT 14Robots may extend the post-stroke race against the clock, according to a UC Irvine presentation during the annual meeting of the American Neurological Association.
OCT 07UC Irvine’s Dr. Mark E. Linskey receives the Congress of Neurological Surgeons’ Distinguished Service Award.
OCT 07UC Irvine’s Dr. Shaista Malik says more study is needed to know whether reduced triglyceride levels after liposuction surgery translate into longer term health benefits.
OCT 06Eating healthy and exercising mind and body may stave off Alzheimer's, say experts at UC Irvine's Disease Research Conference.
OCT 05Former UCLA administrator Ginger L. Osman has been named Assistant Dean of Finance and Chief Financial Officer.
OCT 04An over-the-counter dietary supplement appears to halt the progression of multiple sclerosis, a UC Irvine study shows.
OCT 03UC Irvine Medical Center receives Gold Plus Award from the American Heart Association for exemplary heart failure care.
SEP 30The new bio-thriller film "Contagion" gets high marks for accuracy from UC Irvine infectious disease and emergency specialists.
SEP 30UC Irvine ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Wade Crow explains why we see stars when we hit our heads.
SEP 30A glucosamine-like dietary supplement suppresses damaging autoimmune response seen in multiple sclerosis, a UC Irvine study shows.
SEP 26Calcium buildup in coronary arteries can predict heart attacks and strokes in diabetics, a UC Irvine study shows.
SEP 23A 23-year-old German man paralyzed from the waist down becomes the first to receive stem-cell treatment developed by UC Irvine researchers.
SEP 22Dr. Michael J. Stamos, chair of UC Irvine's Department of Surgery, has been elected president of the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery.
SEP 19Solid evidence is often missing from obstetrics guidelines, a new study shows. "There simply is not enough data or it is disputed," says UC Irvine's Dr. Sheldon Greenfield.
SEP 16UC Irvine to create medical business/technology incubator; portal aims to foster economic growth by nurturing start-ups
SEP 15Combating childhood obesity by measuring body mass index "is a very poor tracking mechanism for a child," UC Irvine's Dr. Dan Cooper tells ABC News.
SEP 07There are 65 MD/MBA programs in the U.S. today, up from only five or six in the late 1990s, UC Irvine's Dr. Maria Chandler tells the New York Times.
SEP 01UC Irvine awarded $1.7-million federal grant to be the National Center on Elder Abuse, serving as clearinghouse for information, research and best practices.
AUG 30Digital textbooks could alleviate problems associated with printed books, says TIME, noting that UC Irvine's medical students access their textbooks on iPads.
AUG 26As Eastern seaboard states prepared for the hurricane-force storm Irene, members of UC Irvine's Center for Disaster Medical Sciences geared up for the crisis.
AUG 25UC Irvine gastrointestinal surgeon Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen discusses trends in bariatric surgery with National Public Radio in Boston.
AUG 25Register by Oct. 1 for UC Irvine's 7th annual Symposium on Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases, featuring renowned immunologists Dr. Shizuo Akira and Ira Mellman on Oct. 29-30.
AUG 16New UC Irvine study shows that blood clots that occur after surgery are often linked to use of a catheter.
AUG 06UC Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake welcomes the School of Medicine’s Class of 2015.
AUG 05New medical students get iPads in second year of UC Irvine's iMedEd Initiative, now funded by a $1.2- million grant from a Fountain Valley businessman.
AUG 05UC Irvine's Brain Tumor Program receives second $250,000 gift from grateful patient.
AUG 05Teens play surgeon to test life as a doctor in an exchange program sponsored by UC Irvine's Department of Urology.
AUG 03Stem cells show promise for restoring cognitive abilities after chemotherapy, say UC Irvine brain tumor specialists Dr. Daniela Bota and Dr. Mark Linskey.
AUG 02White Coat Ceremony marks start of iMedEd Initiative's second year at UC Irvine School of Medicine; revolutionary digital curriculum expands.
AUG 01Young adults whose mothers experience psychological trauma during pregnancy show signs of accelerated aging, finds a UC Irvine-led study.
JUL 28UC Irvine's Nathan Wong was honored for distinguished work in cardiovascular disease prevention at the 2011 International Academy of Cardiology World Congress.
JUL 28Dr. Shaista Malik of UC Irvine's Preventive Cardiology Program will appear on PBS SoCal's Healthy OC to discuss women’s cardiovascular health.
JUL 26U.S. News & World Report lists more than 80 physicians affiliated with UC Irvine Healthcare in the magazine’s new “Top Doctors” database.
Jul 25UC Irvine's Dr. Mark Linskey and the late Dr. Marianne Cinat are honored by the Orange County Trauma Intervention Program.
JUL 19UC Irvine Medical Center makes ‘America’s Best Hospitals’ list for 11th consecutive year; gynecology, urology, cancer and kidney disease programs lauded
JUL 18Family history is the best way to ascertain an individual's risk of developing cancer, according to a new UC Irvine study.
JUL 14UC Irvine study suggests stem cells are capable of helping people regain cognitive abilities lost due to radiation treatment for brain tumors.
JUL 11UC Irvine's Western Journal of Emergency Medicine is named the official journal of the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians
JUL 11UC Irvine cardiologists are national leaders in training physicians to perform safer, more comfortable angioplasty on patients through the wrist.
JUL 06Green tea may lower levels of bad cholesterol, but not enough to replace cholesterol medication, a UC Irvine researcher says.
JUL 05UC Irvine study helps explain why fatty foods such as potato chips are so hard to resist.
JUL 01UC Irvine is recruiting subjects for a study on preterm birth among first-time mothers; the findings could help reduce infant mortality.
JUN 28New study proves that long-term mammography screening saves lives, says UC Irvine breast imaging expert Dr. Stephen Feig.
JUN 27UC Irvine, French researchers find a master switch responsible for adult epilepsy; study identifies new prevention approach.
JUN 24Minimally invasive colon surgery reduces the risk of blood clots in the deep veins, UC Irvine researchers report.
JUN 21Dr. Laura Mosqueda is named chair of the Department of Family Medicine
JUN 21Dr. Michael J. Stamos, acting chair of the Department of Surgery since last year, has accepted the position of chair.
JUN 20Message from UC Irvine Medical Center CEO Terry Belmont and School of Medicine Dean Ralph Clayman, M.D., on the passing of Dr. Marianne Cinat
JUN 20Dr. Charles Vega, director of UC Irvine School of Medicine's PRIME-LC program, on training future doctors to meet the needs of underserved Latino communities
JUN 20Patients who undergo laparoscopic colorectal surgery have fewer clotting complications, UC Irvine surgeon Dr. Michael J. Stamos and colleagues report in the Archives of Surgery.
JUN 20Geneticist Paolo Sassone-Corsi, chair of UC Irvine's Department of Pharmacology, to collaborate with the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Immunology and Epigenetics
JUN 16Top six risk factors for weight-loss surgery identified by UC Irvine research team led by Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen
JUN 14Heart disease is claiming the lives of an increasing number of young mothers, says UC Irvine Dr. Afshan Hameed, a cardiac and obstetrics specialist.
JUN 13UC Irvine and the Angels team up for a series of summer blood drives to benefit trauma patients and newborns; donors will receive game tickets.
JUN 13Only 35 percent of anesthesiologists monitor the heart's blood flow, a vital measure of oxygen in the body during surgery, a study led by UC Irvine's Dr. Maxime Cannesson has found.
JUN 11No helmet designed today will prevent a concussion, UC Irvine's Dr. Justin Hata says at the second annual concussion awareness conference.
JUN 02Medical examiners may under-report elder abuse deaths out of a sense that the aging victims will die anyway, says UC Irvine expert Dr. Laura Mosqueda.
JUN 01Genetic and metabolic risk factors combine to trigger multiple sclerosis, a research team led by UC Irvine neurologist Dr. Michael Demetriou has found.
JUN 01Meditation has proven health benefits, says UC Irvine psychiatry professor Larry Walsh.
MAY 18Infectious disease specialist Dr. Susan Huang receives UC Irvine Academic Senate's "Distinguished Faculty" award for excellence in research.
MAY 18Cell phone sound-processing technology improves music perception in cochlear implant patients, says Fan-Gang Zeng, director of UC Irvine’s Hearing and Speech Research Laboratory.
MAY 18National experts to attend the Institute for Clinical & Translational Science's inaugural spring mentoring colloquium and workshop on May 20
MAY 17High-demand, low-control jobs can take a psychological toll, UC Irvine occupational stress expert Dr. Peter L. Schall tells Fox News.
MAY 11Retired family practice physician mentors Family Medicine residents at UC Irvine's Family Health Center.
MAY 09Treatment of adolescent and young adult cancer patients must change to improve survival rates, says UC Irvine’s Dr. Leonard S. Sender.
MAY 09UC Irvine's Dr. Michael Alkire says that by knowing how anesthetics affect different brain areas, researchers may be able to develop new therapies.
MAY 09UC Irvine pediatric genetics researcher Dr. Taosheng Huang seeks cure for Leigh Syndrome, a rare and inherited metabolic disorder.
MAY 05A new UC Irvine study shows that susceptibility-weighted imaging improves detection, treatment of stroke patients.
APR 30Gov. Jerry Brown's basal cell carcinoma is the least dangerous form of skin cancer, says Dr. Christopher Zachary, chair of UC Irvine's Department of Dermatology.
APR 23Kids try their hands at robotic surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center
APR 21The Washington Post profiles the first spinal cord patient to get UC Irvine's stem cell treatment.
APR 21UC Irvine anesthesiologist to lead study on alleviating surgical anxiety, pain in children.
APR 20A $1.2-million gift will underwrite the School of Medicine's iMedEd initiative, including the cost of iPads for first-year medical students arriving in August 2011, 2012 and 2013.
APR 18Ivan Soltesz, chair of UC Irvine's Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, receives grant to study novel ways of stopping epileptic seizures.
APR 18UC Irvine School of Medicine Dean Ralph Clayman, pioneer of minimally invasive surgical techniques, is made an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
APR 18UC Irvine's School of Medicine joins a national campaign to improve patient care and safety through medical education and clinical protocols.
APR 18Genetic counselors help patients understand DNA risks, says Pamela Flodman, director of UC Irvine's genetic counseling program.
APR 13UC Irvine's Breast Health Center receives top accreditation by the American College of Surgeons.
APR 11Two UC Irvine faculty members, Drs. Brian J.F. Wong and Donald S. Minckler, are honored by colleagues at dean's gala.
APR 11UC Irvine's Drs. Nitin Bhatia and Samuel Bederman perform first robot-assisted spinal surgery on the West Coast.
APR 08The U.S. Department of Justice honors UC Irvine's Elder Abuse Forensic Center and its founder, Dr. Laura Mosqueda, for efforts to prevent elder abuse.
APR 08Elf-ear surgery may be "close to malpractice," says Dr. Christopher Zachary, UC Irvine dermatology chair, about the odd new trend.
APR 07Julia and George Argyros donate $5 million for an ambulatory surgery center within UC Irvine's new Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, which is slated to open in 2013.
APR 07UC Irvine experts create a new way to deliver photosensitive chemicals to kill drug-resistant bacteria and, potentially, cancer tumors with pinpoint accuracy.
APR 06UC Irvine Healthcare surgeon performs Orange County's first robot-assisted lobectomy on a lung cancer patient.
APR 06Are electronic readers bad for your eyes? Some UC Irvine medical students have complained that their iPads give them headaches.
APR 05UC Irvine melanoma specialist Dr. Janellen Smith to be honored at an April 18 golf tournament that will benefit the university’s work on a cure for the deadly disease.
APR 04Dr. Edward Nelson, chief of Hematology-Oncology, discusses the effects of stress on chromosomes of cancer patients at a news conference with Nobel laureate Elizabeth Blackburn.
APR 01UC Irvine researchers discover alternate method of prostate cancer diagnosis.
APR 01UC Irvine School of Medicine grad Marco Angulo's inspirational tale makes headlines in the Orange County Register.
MAR 30Australian university to partner with UC Irvine's School of Medicine and its innovative iMedEd Initiative
MAR 29UC Irvine Medical Center is rated Orange County’s top hospital and fourth best in the greater Los Angeles region by U.S. News & World Report.
MAR 29UC Irvine melanoma specialist Dr. Janellen Smith says the newly FDA-approved drug Yervoy pushes the body's immune system to attack skin tumors.
MAR 23Standardized clinical practice guidelines and regular reviews are vital to improving healthcare outcomes, says Dr. Sheldon Greenfield, UC Irvine's Donald Bren Professor of Medicine.
MAR 18UC Irvine experts say Japan’s nuclear emergency poses no radiation danger locally at this time.
MAR 17UC Irvine’s Dr. Michael Stamos tells CBS Healthwatch about digestive disease awareness.
MAR 17Medical students at UC Irvine — and across the United States — learn where they'll become practicing doctors on Match Day.
MAR 15UC Irvine infectious disease specialist Dr. Susan Huang teams with Harvard group to develop and test new approaches to reducing infections in healthcare settings.
MAR  15UC Irvine’s Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse & Neglect awarded two grants totaling $830,000, allowing the university to continue its work in elder abuse prevention.
MAR 11UC Irvine bone cancer specialist Dr. Bang H. Hoang and colleagues win prestigious 2011 Kappa Delta Ann Doner Vaughan Award for research on how bone cancer spreads.
MAR 09Dr. Robert E. Bristow, UC Irvine obstetrics and gynecology professor, has been appointed the first Philip J. DiSaia Chair in Gynecologic Oncology.
MAR 08Dr. J. Stuart Nelson and the team at UC Irvine's Beckman Laser Institute are honored for helping federal prisoners reintegrate into society by erasing their tattoos.
MAR 04A team led by UC Irvine physiology professor Todd C. Holmes has discovered a second light-sensing mechanism in cells, this one derived from vitamin B2.
FEB 22Lifestyle changes—such as exercising more—works as well as counseling or drugs to treat an array of mental illnesses, according to study by UC Irvine psychiatry professor Larry Walsh.
FEB 17Supercross rider Jimmy Button, still recovering from a fall that temporarily paralyzed him, is riding cross-country to raise $1 million for the Reeve-Irvine Research Center.
FEB 15Melatonin eases post-operative distress in children, according to a study by UC Irvine's Dr. Zeev N. Kain.
FEB 14Students from the UC Irvine School of Medicine join with medical students around the country to demonstrate the power and importance of compassion and empathy in healthcare.
FEB 11Wearing high heels when pregnant can lead to low back pain, says Dr. Manuel Porto, chairman of the UC Irvine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in an interview with ABC News.
FEB 03Gastric banding won't work unless it's paired with a healthy lifestyle, says UC Irvine's Dr. Ninh Nguyen.
JAN 28Publication names Dr. Roger Steinert, Department of Ophthalmology chair, as one of the nation’s top ophthalmologists.
JAN 27UC Irvine boasts more than 90 Best Doctors in America for 2011-12, more than any other medical facility in Orange County.
JAN 25Oscar-nominated film "The King's Speech" captures the anxiety, fear and frustration of people who stutter, says UC Irvine's Dr. Gerald Maguire in a CNN interview.
JAN 24Health changes in later life may signal a need for supplements. "But if you eat right, and exercise, there may not be a need for any," says UC Irvine expert.
JAN 20An implant similar to a pacemaker is helping patients overcome overactive bladder problems, says Dr. Karen Noblett, a urogynecologist at UC Irvine.
JAN 10UC Irvine physicians and a student collaborate to design the Ear Trumpet, a hearing aid application for iPhones and iPods.
JAN 07UC Irvine Healthcare's Heart Failure Program is honored with the American Heart Association's Silver Plus award