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DEC 19Nutrition influences metabolism through circadian rhythms, UC Irvine study finds
DEC 18Are some toys too loud for children's ears? Yes, UC Irvine Health ear specialist Dr. Hamid Djalilian tells the OC Register.
DEC 16Psychological triage identifies people at risk of psychic harm after a crisis, said UC Irvine's Merritt Schreiber.
DEC 12Weight-loss surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center brings hope to 500-pound Moreno Valley woman.
DEC 04The Affordable Care Act may result in a rise in visits to the nation's emergency rooms, says UC Irvine's Dr. Mark Langdorf, editor of the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine.
NOV 27The noise level of some of your kids' toys can be deafening, cautions Dr. Hamid Djalilian, UC Irvine Health otolaryngologist.
NOV 25UC Irvine neurobiologist Leslie Thompson is named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
NOV 18Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of pregnancy-related deaths in California, according to a study led by UC Irvine cardiologist Dr. Afshan B. Hameed.
NOV 15UC Irvine nurse heading to Philippines to aid victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
NOV 13Teams of UC Irvine medical and computer science students to vie for cash prizes at Med AppJam II on Nov. 22, 2013.
NOV 13Typhoon Haiyan victims are suffering from severe traumatic injuries, Dr. Kristi L. Koenig tells NBC News.
NOV 12UC Irvine autism experts' testimony to the state senate's Select Committee on Autism & Related Disorders will be streamed live on Wednesday, Nov. 13.
NOV 12UC Irvine Health heart experts back new cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines.
NOV 06UC Irvine's James Fallon, PhD, talks with public radio about his book, "The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain."
NOV 05UC Irvine's Dr. Steven Potkin has received a $100,000 award from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression to further his research using brain imaging.
OCT 31Ignoring your body's circadian rhythms might put you at heightened risk for disorders ranging from insomnia to cancer, says UC Irvine Professor Paolo Sassone-Corsi.
OCT 31Stroke prevention strategies should address both blood clotting and protection of vessels, says Dr. Mark Fisher, UC Irvine neurologist.
OCT 15UC Irvine orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Neil Jones is elected vice president of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.
OCT 15UC Irvine Medical Center receives the American Heart Association's Get With The Guidelines®– Heart Failure Gold Quality Achievement Award.
OCT 02The UC Board of Regents has approved an affiliation between UC Irvine Health and MemorialCare to expand access to high-quality healthcare.
SEP 23First-year medical student Brianna Miner made Orange County history long before she arrived at UC Irvine this fall to study medicine.
SEP 20UC Irvine researchers have discovered that specific scents and enriched sensory activities can reduce symptoms of autism in boys from three to 12.
SEP 17When the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute opens its doors to the public, UC Irvine will become home to Orange County's first academic eye institute.
SEP 12UC Irvine dedicates the new $39-million Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, paid for entirely with private donations, many from Orange County’s global hub of eye care companies.
SEP 06UC Irvine Medical Center becomes the first hospital in Orange County to earn certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center.
SEP 02Orange County is the Silicon Valley of vision, with the new Gavin Herbert Eye Institute a focal point, writes OC Register Magazine.
AUG 29UC Irvine is the first hospital in the nation to purchase and use the MarginProbe® system, designed to cut down on repeat surgeries for breast cancer.
AUG 26UC Irvine and UCLA neurobiologists identify a new path to correct vision problems in children with early cataracts or ambylopia, also known as lazy eye.
AUG 19Seven UC Irvine medical students and an Idaho-based physician take what they learned in a mini-fellowship in bedside ultrasound to medical students in Tanzania.
AUG 15UC Irvine receives $1.9-million award to create and study the use of a new, personalized approach to shared treatment decision-making for newly diagnosed ovarian cancer patients.
AUG 08Claims that over-the-counter supplements can boost testosterone levels are "nonsense," UC Irvine endocrinologist Dr. Ellis Levin says of the untested products.
AUG 08Dialysis patients of nephrologists with heavier caseloads have a greater risk of dying prematurely, according to a study led by UC Irvine's Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh.
AUG 02UC Irvine researchers have developed breathalyzer technology capable of determining the severity of bacterial and other infections.
AUG 01UC Irvine Medical Center ranks near the top in a new Consumer Reports rating based on how Los Angeles-area patients fare during and after surgery.
AUG 01UC Irvine study provides new insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms that can lead to cataracts.
AUG 01Potassium channel blocker may help control obesity and metabolic disease, according to a study led by UC Irvine's Dr. George Chandy.
JUL 30UC Irvine study provides new insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms that can lead to cataracts.
JUL 22UC Irvine's Leslie Thompson is the lead author for studies on Huntington's disease that appear this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Cell Reports.
JUL 17UC Irvine microbiologists find a probiotic bacterium that reduces the severity of salmonella poisoning.
JUL 16For the 13th consecutive year, UC Irvine Medical Center is rated among the nation's best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report, and is No. 1 in Orange County.
JUL  16Cranial radiation therapy causes damage to neurons, UC Irvine radiation oncology researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
JUL 16UC Irvine oncologist Dr. Jason Zell says a study showing that colon cancer patients have a higher risk of developing a different cancer underscores the need for close monitoring.
JUL 11UCTV video focuses on the world's first human embryonic stem cell trial for spinal cord injury, which was based on discoveries by UC Irvine neurobiologist Hans Keirstead.
JUL 10"When we eat or sleep at the wrong time, we're imposing stress, and that's not good," says UC Irvine's Paolo Sassone-Corsi, PhD, a leading expert on circadian rhythms.
JUL 01UC Irvine researchers have demonstrated that basketballs and volleyballs can spread potentially dangerous germs among players.
JUN 27UC Irvine School of Medicine medical students win in prestigious video competition.
JUN 26UC Irvine researchers awarded $2.27 million to create novel diabetes treatments. The grants will support islet cell transplantation and insulin sensor projects.
JUN 26Can caresses protect the brain from stroke? "We have so few therapies. We need to move more of them forward," says UC Irvine's Dr. Steven C. Cramer in a Scientific American article.
JUN 24A drug derived from sea anemone venom can make fat mice thin — with potentially powerful implications for treating obesity and diabetes in humans, according to a UC Irvine study.
JUN 12UC Irvine has been awarded a $10-million National Institute of Mental Health grant to study how a mother's patterns of caring for her infant may affect a child during adolescence.
JUN 06UC Irvine study shows 'sensory-focused' autism therapy offers promise.
JUN 04UC Irvine School of Medicine graduates 99 new doctors.
MAY 31New technology makes breast cancer surgery more precise at UC Irvine; medical center is the first in the US to use MarginProbe during lumpectomies.
MAY 31Circadian rhythms control the body’s response to intestinal infections, UC Irvine-led study finds.
MAY 30The slogan, "Say hello to the new face of care," is part of the updated brand identity of UC Irvine Health.
MAY 29Using disinfectant soaps on ICU patients is "a very effective way to get us closer to zero hospital-associated infections,” said UC Irvine's Dr. Susan S. Huang, lead author of a major new study.
MAY  29Although new urine tests may detect breast cancer signs, mammograms remain the gold standard for diagnosing the disease, says UC Irvine Health breast cancer expert, Dr. Alice Police.
MAY 29UC Irvine receives its second five-year designation as a Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Center of Excellence, recognizing outstanding achievement in research.
MAY 28Working more than 41 hours per week raises your risk of hypertension by 15%, according to a UC Irvine study. Overtime makes it difficult to eat healthy foods and exercise.
MAY 23Children with autism showed significant improvement after simple sensory exercises at home using everyday items, according to UC Irvine neurobiologists.
MAY 22UC Irvine endocrinologists reveal a potential new approach toward treating certain liver diseases.
MAY 16UC Irvine Health boasts 100-plus ‘Best Doctors in America;" it has the most physicians listed of any medical facility in Orange County.
MAY 14UC Irvine study finds that comorbidities should be a factor in prostate biopsy choice; the finding targets patients who would not benefit from a biopsy.
MAY 13Circadian clock gene rhythms in the brain are altered in depression, UC Irvine Health study finds.
MAY 08Collaboration between hospitalists and ED physicians can improve patient flow and enhance quality and patient safety, says UC Irvine's Dr. Alpesh Amin.
MAY 07UC Irvine's Dr. Roger Steinert estimates that about one-third of patients have the capacity to achieve greater than 20/20 vision through new treatment methods.
APR 29To tame the weekend warrior within, UC Irvine's Dr. Ranjan Gupta advises aging adults to get smarter about their bodies and the activities they can handle safely.
APR 24Breast cancer treatment delays are linked to lower survival rates in young women ages 15 to 39, especially Latinas, African Americans and the poor, a UC Irvine study found.
APR 22Bedside ultrasound rivals chest X-ray in catheter placement, according to a UC Irvine study led by Dr. Eric Mervis, clinical instructor and fellow.
APR 10UC Irvine's Dr. Aaron D. Kheriaty sorts out myths in his new book that focuses on treating depression with psychiatry and faith.
APR 09Only 37 percent of U.S. women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are getting the best possible care, according to a UC Irvine study.
APR 02Some diabetes patients improve significantly as a result of coaching by peers, according to a UC Irvine study.
MAR 22UC Irvine receives $100 million to $150 million from the NIH, money used to fund stem cell, diabetes and Alzheimer's studies. Sequestration promises to take a big bite.
MAR 22UC Irvine's Peolia Kansas Fonsworth III has dreamed about being a doctor since the days he and his grandmother couldn't afford groceries.
MAR 12UC Irvine School of Medicine chosen among top 50 in latest US News & World Report medical school rankings.
MAR 11New study led by UC Irvine’s Dr. Robert Bristow finds that most women with ovarian cancer don’t get proper treatment.
MAR 07UC Irvine's Dr. Warren Wiechmann named Apple Distinguished Educator of 2013.
MAR 06Ever since its induction in 2010, the iMedEd Initiative has drawn attention to UC Irvine School of Medicine. "Learning becomes a 24/7 opportunity," says Dean Ralph V. Clayman, MD.
MAR 04UC Irvine students dance the night away in the Student Center during the annual Care-A-Thon fundraiser, benefiting the school's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
FEB 26UC Irvine's second Bedside Ultrasound Symposium Ultrafest draws 300 medical students from all over California.
FEB 20Each strain of malaria prefers a specific host, UC Irvine microbiologist Anthony A. James, PhD, tells the New York Times in a story about anti-malarial mosquito research.
FEB 19UC Irvine iPad medical education program shows results: Test scores have improved and applications have surged.
FEB 19Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation awards UC Irvine's Gavin Herbert Eye Institute $3 million for retinal degeneration research.
FEB 19MRSA 'super bug' prevalent in nursing homes, UC Irvine study finds; positive samples suggest need for greater infection control, researchers say.
FEB 14Research shows that a happy relationship stimulates many health benefits, says UC Irvine psychiatrist.
FEB 11The iMedEd Initiative – UC Irvine’s innovative medical education program based on iPad tablet computing – has been chosen as a 2012-13 Apple Distinguished Program.
FEB 07Access to health care is important to life span, UC Irvine's Dr. Lisa Gibbs says in an interview, adding that Orange County is lucky to have organizations that address aging issues.
FEB 05A study by UC Irvine's Daniele Piomelli is selected as one of the 10 major research achievements funded by Brain & Behavior Research Foundation grants in 2012.
FEB 04"Autism is on the threshold of becoming accessible to cutting-edge scientific techniques that can unfold its secrets," says UC Irvine's J. Jay Gargus in an interview.
JAN 24UC Irvine neuroscientists create fiber-optic method of arresting epileptic seizures; the approach holds promise of better treatment options for severe episodes.
JAN 24Today's future doctors are taught how to discuss sensitive topics with patients, be it sexuality, dementia or weight, says UC Irvine's Dr. Sonia Sehgal.
JAN 23A variety of genetic strategies to counter insect-borne diseases are being developed; UC Irvine's Anthony James calls them "bite, no bite strategies."
JAN 22UC Irvine-led studies show circadian rhythms -- also known as the body clock -- can be modified for potential treatment of disorders.
JAN 15UC Irvine study on autism named one of 10 major research achievements in 2012.
JAN 15Families commit most cases of elder abuse. "You can see how it would be easy to isolate an older person," says UC Irvine's Mary Twomey in a Chicago Tribune interview.
JAN 03Kerry Burnight, a UC Irvine gerontologist, says it's unknown how often elder abuse occurs within nursing hones in Orange County, where 28,000 older adults live in long-term care facilities.
JAN 02"Fat per se is not as bad as we thought,” says UC Irvine's Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh in a New York Times article. "What is bad is a type of fat that is inside your belly."